About Us

About Us

Today, although the medicine and the technology is advancing, health institutions are not at the expected level. Unfortunately, there is not enough formation in many parts of the world for Sexual Dysfunctions and Transgender diagnosis, treatment, operations and education processes. Based on this deficiency, all the operations, treatments and thousands of patient experiences we have made, have announced the need to complete this deficiency.

About Us

As the World Wide International Aesthetic, the brand we set off on, after thousands of treatments, surgeries and doctors we trained,  we established International Sexology to be with millions of people and Transsexual individuals who have sexual dysfunction in the world in all treatment and surgery processes, to serve people better in this field and to ensure that people reach the most natural right, the right information, the right treatment, the best physician and the best scientific studies.

We specialize in sexual dysfunction, inability to have sexual intercourse such as vaginismus in women, painful sexual intercourse, premature ejaculation in men, erection problems, and male and female genital aesthetics, and combine surgical operations with conscious diagnosis and behavioral treatments with correct diagnosis and treatment methods. we get the best result. 

We are a group of doctors, organized to be with them in every field they need, specialized in all gender transition stages, with the contributions of the medical literature in the world, it has created the best treatment options for individuals, meets genital surgery and general body aesthetic needs in the genital area aesthetics that from female to male and male to female sex transitions.

We are a specialized staff in psychiatry, legal and administrative fields. Each of us has gained countless surgical experience in his field, has written 100s of scientific publications, has provided many physicians to be trained, has led thousands of surgeries in almost every corner of the world, including Urology, Sexology, Andrology, Aesthetics, Plastic, Reconstructive Surgery.

Our aim; to be with you in every field you need. How Does? From the moment you decide on sexual dysfunction treatments or gender change, our administrative team will provide you with consultancy, and our surgical team will provide you with the best surgery to achieve your desired image and identity.

We are here to provide all of our services with disciplined, luxurious, unified medical options and to guarantee your medical care. All the medical services and consultancies you will receive in our center will provide you with quality and reliable health services so far by our professional medical team, each with different features and qualifications.

In addition to this, due to the fact that we are composed of an academic staff, we will continue to work with our excitement of the day in order to improve our profession, to improve the scientific studies and data, in order to improve our profession and to specialize in these fields, in order to make more innovations, better results and better evaluations in the Medical World.

As the World Wide International Aesthetic Team, our achievements in sexual dysfunction and other surgical branches including male and female genital aesthetics, and aesthetic surgery have been proven with the confidence we have given to our patients from many parts of the world. We are a phone call away to provide you with everything you need. Now, please make a coffee, review our website and prepare your own itinerary, or contact us immediately at our contact numbers below and we will quickly prepare all the necessary plan for you.

Take care of yourself.

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