It is the process of cutting the skin fold that covers the head of the penis and closing the urinary incision hole and exposing the head part. It is widely applied in Islam and Judaism. Jews usually perform circumcision as soon as they are born.

What are the benefits of circumcision?

  • -Sexually transmitted diseases are reduced.
  • -Urinary tract infections are less common especially in childhood.
  • -Reduces the risk of penile cancer.
  • -The risk of uterine cancer decreases in the spouses of men who have circumcision.
  • -Especially in children, the foreskin may stick, the end can narrow down and prevent the urination. Sometimes even the tip can be completely closed (Fimozis). It can lead to penile infection and abscesses. The foreskin can jam the blood flow in the penis by squeezing it (Paraphymosis). Taking this skin by circumcision provides protection against these complaints.

What is the right age for circumcision? Should anesthesia be given?

It is suitable for child psychology to be performed before or after the age of 6. It is thought that children between the ages of 4-6 may be affected by their mental development (it can be done at any age in accordance with medical requirements).

At all ages, what we call circumcision sedation can be done with general anesthesia.

Circumcision should not be turned into a trauma for the child. If the child is old enough to understand that circumcision will be circumcised, and circumcision does not create any fear and pressure for the child, and if he meets this event with maturity, circumcision can be performed by local anesthesia.

Unfortunately, circumcision in our society; This event can become a stress-forming element for the child, especially with the attitude of parents and can cause problems in the mental development of this child. This can lead to sexual dysfunctionwhen the child is sexually active. Therefore The child, who is old enough to understand circumcision, should explain this process and the necessity of talking to the child without the strictentness of the family.

Is circumcision performed in the neonatal period?

It is recommended that the newborn be made to benefit from the rapid healing feature of the baby, especially in the first 2 weeks of life. In terms of surgery, it is difficult to perform an aesthetic circumcision because the penis is very small in the newborn period.

Is there a relationship between circumcision and premature ejaculation?

Although it is an issue that is discussed, we have serious experience in this regard.The most susceptible sexual area in men is the penis head (glans penis) and the neurally rich region just below it called frenulum.

According to an opinion; The foreskin covers the head of the penis, reducing pleasure and reducing premature ejaculation.

According to another view; our clinical experience confirms this; In a correctly made surgical circumcision (because frenlum rich in neural network is cut), premature ejaculation is less common than non-circumcised ones. (We circumcised our patients of many foreign nationals in adulthood. And those with premature ejaculation, we’ve experienced that this boredom has improved dramatically.)

Circumcision by whom, how should it be done?

Circumcision is a surgical procedure. It should definitely be done by a surgeon. With local or general anesthesia, it is appropriate to perform surgical technique by cutting the internal and external skin separately, following subcutaneous or absorbable sutures.In the circumcision (popularly known as laser circumcision) heated wire is cut from the foreskin. Bleeding is not seen because the foreskin is cut due to heat, but it can cause permanent damage to the nerveally rich penis. Therefore, i am absolutely we don’t recommend it.

The penis is rich in vascular anemia and sensory nerves. Therefore, bleeding vessels should be connected or burned with a low dose of coter or laser. We use lasers where necessary because of the superiority of the laser in stopping bleeding and the possibility of damage to the tissue is almost non-existent.

‘’As seen in the figure, after the inner and outer skin are cut properly, bleeding veins are tied; if necessary, it is burned with a laser. The advantage of the laser, as we mentioned above, burns the bleeding veins without damaging the surrounding tissues. Subsequently, the inner and outer skin are stitched together in an aesthetic way.’’

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