What is FFS?

FFS includes a series of surgeries performed on individuals who want to transition from male to female by deciding on gender change (facial feminization surgery). The aim of the operations is to feminize masculine facial features and give the individual feminine characteristics. Such aesthetic applications requiring different surgical applications are determined according to the age, duration of hormone therapy, nationality, expectations and preferences of the individual.

Among the surgical procedures involved in such operations,

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Laser hair removal
  • Lip thickening
  • Jaw shaping

Includes adam’s apple reduction.

Rhinoplasty: One of the important stages of the process of transition from man to femininity is surgical interventions to be performed on the nose in order to give the patient a feminine appearance. With the removal of the arch present on the back of the nose, the individual has a curved nose back and a raised nose tip appearance. If the nose is large, significant changes occur in the face view of the patient who passes by narrowing it. In such surgeries in order to achieve the desired result, the patient must make realistic requests. The main purpose of such surgeries is to give a structure suitable for facial aesthetics that fits the face and body of the nasal structure.

Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal, which is applied in the process of sexual selection from male to female, is also requested by many male individuals besides sexual transition. Laser hair removal, which destroys hairs in the face area and ensures a softer expression, fulfills expectations with its permanent effect.

Lip Thickening: the most important area of the face, the lip, can often be melted is made using fillers.  Lip fillers, which have complementary characteristics to facial aesthetics, are made by injecting the filler into the lips with small and thin-end needles in a very easy and short period of time.

Jaw Shaping: Such operations are intended to be adapted to the feminine forms of the individual by shaving the corners and end of the jaw. These procedures requiring surgical intervention should be performed by specialist physicians in plastic surgery.

Reduction of the adam’s apple: The adam’s apple, which consists of a cartilage tissue in the neck, can be reduced after a small operation. Such surgeries are made from a small coat of a man who is performed on the adam’s apple and covered with aesthetic stitches. Such surgeries do not aim to remove and remove the adam’s apple completely, the main purpose of this operation is to convert the masculine protrusion in the neck area to suitable for female facial features, i.e. revised.

Operations such as voice thinning and eyebrow removal are also carried out in accordance with patient demand among facial feminization applications. Different surgery performed in accordance with facial operations and ensures feminine body structure Breasts, hips and legs can be revised and body lines can be made to a feminine appearance. While the gender reassignment process comes to mind when it comes to facial feminization practices, many men today have all or part of such applications to have softer facial features. The success rate of such operations is quite high if the applications are carried out by specialist aesthetic and plastic surgeons.

FREQUENTLY ASKED Questions about FFS applications

Are facial feminization surgeries risky?

All surgery is likely to be at risk in the variety of varieties. However, if such surgeries are performed by specialist physicians, there are no vital risks.

What surgeries does facial feminization require?

Such surgeries should be determined by him according to the needs of the individual, and the number of surgical types and number should be decided jointly by the patient and physician after the examination.

What are the prices of ffs application for facial feminization?

Each application may vary according to the techniques and materials to be used. For this reason, with the applications to be preferred should be taken from the physician who will perform the clearest information operations related.

What is the healing process for such operations?

The healing process can last from 1-2 months to 1 year depending on the area where the application is made and the application. The healing process is very shortened by the complete fulfillment of postoperative current and doctor’s recommendations.

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