Sex Reassignment Surgery from Female to Male

Sex reassignment from woman to man is a long process that requires a series of surgical operations, hormone therapy, psychiatric observations and reviews. Surgery reasons of transgender people is conflict with their own bodies and feel spiritually belong to another body. Operations to bring individuals to the gender in which they behaviour, is defined as sex reassignment surgeries. Besides the surgical applications to adapt to the opposite sex in both sex reassignment operations, hormone treatments are also of great importance.

The issue that individuals who have decided to change gender, should prepare for this process meticulously and should be to analyze what is needed. Sex Reassignment process should be handled with very detailed medical, psychological and legal dimensions, and surgery processes must be carried out under the control of specialists. According to today’s conditions, the process where important expenses will be in question, carried out with a serious analysis and it will also be useful in terms of achieving the expectations of the individual.

What are the Sex Reassignment Operations from Female to Male?

Transition from woman to man is not as unusual in the society as the transition from man to woman, and is exposed to less social pressure. According to the other transition of the individual, is an important factor in psychological relaxation. In the process of transition from woman to man, a number of operations are required depending on the individual’s preferences. These surgeries;

  • -Mastectomy
  • -Hysterectomy
  • -Metoidioplasty

Apart from all these surgeries, ensures that the expectations of the individuals are fulfilled in the transition from woman to man by the aesthetic operations are also performed. Before and after all sexual transition surgeries, hormone treatments also makes important contributions to the comfortable circumvention of transition processes. The experience of surgeons who are operating, the efficiency achieved in psychotherapy applications and the successfully hormonal therapy, are ends with meeting the patient’s expectations at the highest level. The metoidioplasty in during surgery is usually the last process.


This method is generally used in the treatment of breast cancer and cases where breast conserving surgery is not suitable. Such surgeries which is one of the most important stages of the transition from woman to man, are performed for many different reasons. This operation is carried out by taking the breast tissue in order to ensure the suitability of the individual to the body to which he will switch.


Hysterectomy is an uterus removal surgery. Such operations that contribute to the solution of many gynecological problems, are major surgical procedures. The uterus is removed through surgery in hysterectomy surgeries which one of the most important stages of woman-to-man transition surgeries.


It is an operation to ensure penile formation in individuals who want to switch from woman to man. The operation, which takes advantage of the individual’s own biological structure, is performed after the clitoral growth is achieved by applying the hormone testosterone instead of creating an artificial organ. The patient is usually recommended at least 1 year of testosterone treatment before such operations. After penis formation surgeries, the prosthesis testicles are applied in order to ensure the full resemblance of the woman to the man and to eliminate aesthetic concerns.

Penis formation with microsurgery applications, is one of the methods of new sexual identity acquisition by changing gender. Although the reproductive function is not gained, it is possible to meet aesthetic needs with the penis created by transfer from the appropriate tissues of the individual. The spiritual harmony is very important as required by medical and legal status in both sex reassignment. Before making such surgery decisions, analysis of the process by the individual who will make the transition should be done with the help of specialist physicians and psychologists.

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