Hair Transplantation

Organic Hair Transplantation, which was implemented after 2 years of R&D study in our laboratories, is performed using stem cell injection prepared from the patient's own fat tissue. The fluid, which is taken from the patient's own fatty tissue and enriched from stem cells, is injected into the area to be transplanted. In this way, both the work area is inflated and a comfortable transplant environment is provided, and there is no need for chemical injection scarating hair follicle in classical hair transplantation procedures.

One of the most important deficiencies in hair transplantation is that the area to be planted is not suitable for transplantation. Hair transplantation is an transplantation process on the name. The more good the transplanted hair follicles and the area to be cultivated, the more successful hair transplantation will yield.

Advantages of Organic Hair Transplantation

Thanks to stem cell injection used in organic hair transplantation, many benefits are provided to the patient. Stem cell injection used in Organic Hair Transplantation:

  • Planting makes the area efficient
  • Facilitates hair transplantation
  • Work in the field without chemical use Provides
  • Increases the eclipse rate by feeding newly transferred hair follicles
  • Provides positive results of up to 96% from hair transplantation
  • Makes it easier to remove hair that is more vibrant, healthier and long-lasting

Why Organic Hair Transplantation?

In classical hair transplantation processes, we only focus on the healthy hair follicles of the patient, which we call the donor area. Grafts are taken and transported to the area without hair. However, a decrease in balding area and a lack of oil that cannot feed the hair follicle is observed. If you notice, in this area, the skin is close to the bone and hollowed out. You’re Even if you post new hair follicle in the field, you are very likely to achieve success.

Healthy hair follicles, which are the ones that have problems with balding, will cause healthy hair follicles to die after hair transplantation, while they are literally their treasure. We also know that chemicals injected into bald areas again damage these healthy hair follicles in order to plant grafts more comfortably in classical hair transplantation and to facilitate hair transplantation specialist.

Here organic hair transplantation provides very important advantages, especially at these points. Patient Fat injection, enriched from stem cells obtained from its own fat, ensures that hair transplantation can be performed comfortably and makes the inefficient hair-free area healthy.

Organic Hair Transplantation and Regional Lipoidosis

Organic Hair Transplantation injection also eliminates the problem of regional lubrication. For fat injection, which is rich in stem cells, we target areas where the patient suffers from regional lubrication. Because there are a large amount of stem cells in our fat tanks.For example, it is the regional lubrication areas where we prefer the abdominal, hip, belly and hip areas.The Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique removes fat and helps the patient gain form at the same time.

Healthy,Non-Shedding and Lush Hair

When the hair-free region is made efficient by organic hair transplantation injection, some processes occur in the lower skin tissue. As we said, one of the reasons for hair loss in this area is the scalp, approaching the bone. With this injection, the oil of the subordiashes is ensured first. Stem cells combine with other structures, accelerate the construction of new cells and efficiently Makes. At this point, the grafts planted continue to live in their new areas, as in the healthy area at the exit locations. Over time, the new hair follicles, which come out stronger by the resuscitation mechanism of stem cells, provide more lush and healthy hair than before.

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