Penile Prosthesis

Penile prosthesis is a treatment method preferred by men with erection problems. Failure to properly fulfill sexual intercourse by a male with such problems is the basis for the beginning of important problems between couples.

The penile prosthesis, also called the happiness bar,is placed inside the penis and erection problems can solved. The penile prosthesis, also called the happiness bar, is placed inside the penis and erection problems can solved.. Despite many different treatment interventions, the prosthesis application preferred by people who do not get the result they want is done using two different prosthetics. These;

  • Inflatable prosthetics
  • Flexible (semi-rigid) prostheses.

Inflatable Prosthetics

This type is inflated by filling with liquid from the liquid reservoir placed in the individual’s body, not by air. Two-piece inflatable prosthesis can be used more easily than the other. The prosthetic consists of a pair of cylinders placed in the penis and a pump placed in a testicular bag. The liquid inside the pump performs the erection by tightening the pump and pushing it towards the cylinder.

Two-part prostheses are a suitable option for individuals with arthritis or having difficulty using their hands. It is easily functional when an individual pumps when he wants to be erection. When used for a long time, it can cause the thinning of the penis flesh and deterioration of its appearance, its harderness less than three-part prosthesis.

In three-piece inflatable prosthetics, there is also a chamber outside the cylinder and pump. In this respect, it has a more complex structure than a two-part prosthesis. As with other prosthesis, the provision of erection is ensured by tightening and leaving the pump. After the relationship, the drain valve on the pump is opened to extinguish the device. Due to pumping more fluids than two-part prostheses, hardness increases at the same rate. Three-part prosthetics, which have the closest appearance to the natural penis when erectile or extinguished because they are literally hidden, the penis does not cause the flesh to thinning or deteriorate later.

Flexible Prosthetic (semi-hard) Prosthetics

Semi-hard flexible prostheses, one of the penile prosthetic sours, consists of two cylinders placed inside the penis. The individual puts the penis in a ready position for sexual intercourse by lifting it up with his hand during intercourse. After the relationship, it ends the function by pushing it down manually. Some prosthetic models with flexible features offer more stiffness, but discomfort occurs in the advancing processes in the individual is likely.

This is because such prostheses are easy to place at the beginning of preferred reasons and can be applied at lower costs. Although it causes different emotions in appearance and sense due to continuous rigidity and permanent erections, re-providing sexual functionality makes such situations tolerateable. Although it is not common, there is also the possibility of damage to the flesh of the penis as a result of long-term use. It has easier use than inflatable prosthetics.

Penile prosthesis is generally preferred by individuals who could not achieve their expectations with other treatment methods. It can also be considered as an alternative in sexual transition surgeries.

Penile prostheses are of two types, semi-rigid and inflatable. Inflatable prostheses are two types, two and three parts.

Although implants are reliable designs, they can rarely break down and repair or replacement can be made with a new surgical intervention. Also, having an individual with diabetes risks infection.

Penile implants are not recommended for individuals with diabetes problems, pulmonary infection, and urinary tract infections.

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