Penis Enlargement

Nowadays,with the advancement of medicine and technology in cosmetic urology, penis enlargement and thickening surgeries the most trendy surgery of recent times, are in some way seriously effective about the sexual life of any man who needs genital aesthetics.The most known of the Male Genital Aesthetic surgeries is penis surgery. Penis surgeries performed both aesthetically and functionally, penis enlargement and penis thickening have become popular all over the world recently.

Why Is Male Genital Aesthetics Necessary?

Physical and aesthetic problems in the penis structure grow and lead to serious problems in the process of the person himself and his sexual partner. In these processes, the problems of self-confidence, the sexual traumas that come with it, the lack of self and the inability to feel fully, decrease in self-esteem, erection problems and concentration problems occur in social and sexual life.

One of the problems affecting his partner and sexual life is to have sexual dysfunctions such as erection problems, premature ejaculation, hardening problem, sexual reluctance causes. Other than that, a more aesthetic and more functional genitalia is the right of men, as in women.

What is Penis Enlargement Surgery? How To Performed? Are You Eligible For This Surgery?

The most basic expectation in Penis Enlargement is to provide the penis length and thickness that the person deems small and to gain the desired size and volume of the penis. In this way, it is aimed to eliminate the problems listed above and to have a healthy sexual life of the person.

Individuals who want to have this surgery,should have less than 12cm of penis sizes. Penis size, which is below this rate, is often inadequate and brings with it the problems mentioned above in people.

Our Fears?

Although fear of surgery, scarring, erection etc. these fears of the individuals who think that they will experience such problems are completely unnecessary because there are risks in every surgical procedure. The goal is to reduce these risks to a minimum or even zero, to have a healthier life of the individual and be able to use the penis functionally.

Who Can Perform These Surgeries?

Surgeries in cosmetic urology, this specializing in the field, having the necessary training and technical knowledge, means that the risks are reduced to almost zero. Cem Özlük, who is in our staff and our founder, has completed all his residency in cosmetic urology, has completed these trainings and specialties in the leading centers of the world and has thousands of surgical experience.

Nowadays,male genital surgery has started to be performed in aesthetic surgeons after urologists. Although our academic staff has raised Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons, our personal opinion is that urologists to performed the male genital aesthetics surgery because the urologist will analyze the needs of the individual better and dominate the penis and all organs around it.

It will be the healthiest choice to be done by the urology specialist who can ensure the desired result in the best way in the surgery.

What You Need to Know

Before the candidate has the penis aesthetic surgery (lengthening and thickening), it should definitely be examined. Because together with Penis Enlargement Surgery, Varicocele, Curvature problem (peyronie), Complications of Circumcision, Hypospadias (Urinary Meatus Repair), Premature Ejaculation, such as many other problems are in the same surgery can be done. Therefore, the most accurate choice in male genital aesthetic surgery is always a urologist.

However, the testicular sagging (sagging of the testicular bags), which we call Scrotal lift, causing many problems such as rash, smell, discomfort in sexual intercourse and loss of self-confidence and can be corrected in the same surgery.

How to Perform Penis Aesthetic Surgery?

Penis Enlargement; In this surgical intervention, which is also called penis lengthening surgery, ligaments called ligamentolysis, which hangs the penis upwards, are released.(Up to 80% cut, not all) In this way, the inside part of the penis is further removed out. Y-V Plasty technique is applied in this surgical method, which we call an lengthening.This ensures an elongation between 1 and 4 cm.(may vary from person to person.)In this technique, our patients often ask if they fear of scars and may have problems in the future. On the contrary, we have not had any patients with these problems until now. As mentioned above, applying to a physician specializing in this will take all the risks. As for the surgical trail, traces do not appear after hair growth in the area where there are suture marks.

Another method is to get tattooed, allowing the scars to be completely lost. Another surgical technique in penis enlargement is the bottom lengthening. In this technique, the aim is to increase the distance (penoscrotal composition) between the penis and the scrotum (the bag that surrounds the testicles) . In this way, the penis is elongated from the bottom. Ligamentolysis technique passive lengthening is provided compared to the according to the choice of the physician and the patient, two surgical techniques can be applied together.

What are the Supplementary Methods in Penis Enlargement?

Usually, after weight gain,the lubrication in the pubis,a part of the penis which we call buried penis covered by excess skin and causes shortening.With the liposuction method, the penis can be extended one more part thanks to the fat tissue taken from the pubis.

In this way, in many cases, even 6-8 cm of elongation is observed in flaccid.Detailed urology examination is performed if you contact us regarding methods and techniques.Our medical team and doctor will give you detailed information and determine the most correct treatment for you.You will be better grasped with the pre/post photos of the previous penis enlargement surgeries.

During the treatment process, which we call autologous fat transfer, the patient’s own fat is taken from abdomen, groin and thigh area.

They are purified,applied special process, the quality is increased (with prp) and injected into the penis.It is aimed to increase the volume in the penis and provide a thickness proportional to the size.

After penis thickening, excess fat is injected during the procedure, as some fats between 30% and 50% will be lost, depending on the metabolic status of the individual. After a period of 6 months, when the final result occurs, the penis will take a fuller and thick image.

Duration of Surgeries and Anesthesia Techniques Used?

Penis lengthening, thickening and other problems average between 1 to 3 hours. According to the technique of the surgery, general, spinal, sedation local anasthesis is discharged after 1 or 2 days in the case of extension surgery.

In thickening surgery, we have the possibility of discharge on the same day and continue our normal daily life. After surgery, your normal sexual life can be started after an average of 1 month. After surgery, you will be given the necessary instructions and prescription by our medical team.

The most important thing to note is that the cleaning given to you by our team and careful application of instructions.

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