What is Penis Thickening Surgery?

Cosmetic Urology is the most preferred surgical type from male genital aesthetics, penis thickening surgeries. It is one of the most requested solutions in recent times. Small penis sizes, which are cited as one of the causes of premature ejaculation, affect the sexual life of many men. It stands out as one of the very serious options for your partner to enjoy sexual intercourse.Nowadays,the operations are performed painlessly with the help of modern medical facilities, and the patient does not need to rest for days.

Does The Penis Thicken With Surgery?

Yes, the penis can be surgically thickened. It is performed in two forms surgically and non-surgically. It is recommended that the penis be extended and thickened in the same session in terms of balancing the aspect ratio and thickness.It should be remembered that these problems can be solved.

What Are Penis Thickening Surgery Methods?

As part of the penis thickening operation, we have the chance to apply solutions to our esteemed patients in 3 different ways. Thanks to modern medicine, we now use painless, acheless and ideal methods as solutions.


As you can tell by its name of the fat injection, the diameter of the penis area is enlarged and the fat to be taken from the person is injected into the penis.Thanks to liposuction method, we take fat from your skin. After the fat intake, there is not a scar in the body. Therefore, there’s nothing to be nervous about.

The fats we receive are injected into the penis. We inject more fat into the penis than we need because after six months, the penis holds 40% of these injected fats. This will lifelong in the remaining fat tissues and will produce penis-wide growth.


Secondly, it is the alternative method that comes up. It is the second most preferred method after fat injection. You can think of it as breast implants. The filler, which we have specially prepared and will not cause any trouble to the functions of the penis, is injected into the penis with a special injector.

This method takes effect in a very short time. You have the chance to see the growth in the penis diameter in a short time.


As one of our least preferred methods, it attracts attention we can say. In this process, it is noted as the addition we make to the penis after the reprocessing of the tissues obtained from other people or cadavers.

The success rate is lower than in the fat injecting operations. For this reason, it is among the least preferred operational methods.

Who Is Penis Thickening Applied To?

Penis thickening is a procedure that involves a natural thickening method applied for penises, which have failed to fully complete their development due to various reasons.This method is now an alternative to the elimination of problems in men’s sexual life.

How to Perform Penis Thickening Surgery?

In the process of thickening the penis, the contents of the fillers or the person’s own tissues are used. It is possible to thicken the penis using ‘Hyaluronic acid’ based fillers, which are used very often in plastic surgery and melt over time. Permanent fillers that are not absorbed by the body are less preferred because they react.What has become very popular recently in penis enlargement surgery is that the fat taken from the person has been subjected to certain processes and inserted into the appropriate lower layers of the penis by injection method.This thickening process is a much cheaper, popular and healthy method.

What Is The Duration Of Penis Thickening Surgery?

After surgery, which lasts about 1-or-1.5 hours, the patient can be discharged on the same day. It is recommended to avoid sexual activities for a month. Complication and risk are very low when such surgeries are performed by competent surgeons.

Is There a Problem Hardening After Operation?

Hardening of the penis after operation it won’t be a problem. Since the penis looks larger after surgery, hardening has been found to increase more. Other than that, there are no complications such as inability to have children, urinary distress.

Yes, when correct exercises and techniques are applied by trying natural ways, penis thickening is done with exercise. One of the most familiar methods applied in this regard for years is massage and stretching technique.

The ideal penis length is about 10-11 cm an erection. It is not possible to catch the ideal thickness in penis sizes smaller than these sizes.

Women can enjoy more than thick penis.

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