Trans Male Transition Operations

Decision making processes for surgery about transgender people's sexual transition, covers the fulfillment of legal and medical requirements. The sexual transition of an individual legally requires age and marital fitness, medically economic conditions and sufficient age. Operations in the transition processes like hormone treatments and psychological support processes, is the size that requires an accumulation for a person. The individual has no gender transition surgery is not a phenomenon to changes its transgender status. These types of surgeries are only about how much he would like to change his physical appearance.

What Are Male Transition Surgeries?

The type and number of surgeries in male transitions are carried out in line with the individual’s demands. Operations required for male transition;

  • Mastectomy
  • Hysterectomy
  • Metoidoplasty
  • Hormone therapy

What is a Mastectomy?

The mastectomy surgery that is performed in line with the demands of the individual in male transitions, is performed according to the size and structure of the breast. Trans individual who is undergoing hormone therapy, shrinkage in breast tissue can be seen. Breasts in this condition allows the operation to be performed in order to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance. The size of the skin that covers the breast tissue, is an issue that should be given importance in the surgical process during the operation. It includes two different applications as radical and simple mastectomy. The muscles under the breast and the lymph nodes under the armpit are also removed with the breast in the radical mastectomy. This type of mastectomy is usually done to in cancer cases.

What is Hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy surgeries made for many reasons, such as cancer treatments are not responded to, abnormal bleeding conditions and prolapse of the uterus, are also an important step in the transition from woman to man. One of the most important stages of transition from woman to man is completed by ensuring that the uterus is completely removed from the body.

  • Abdominal hysterectomy
  • Vaginal hysterectomy
  • Laparoscopic hysterectomy. It can be done with different techniques.

What is Metoidioplasty?

Metoidioplasty is one of the most important surgical operations in male transitions. It is performed to enlarge the clitoris and to produce the penis from the individual’s biological structure after treatment of testosterone hormone applied to the individual. It differs in this aspect from falloplasty which is a dildo application. In falloplasty, dildo is created by removing the different tissues of the individual who passed into manhood. Although there are different advantages in the two methods, the more preferred method is metoidioplasty applications in such surgeries.

What is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy is performed before sex reassignment operations. Before and after the from woman to man transitions surgery, how long hormone therapy to be done is determined by the decisions of the medical committee. The purpose of hormone therapy is to enable the individual to gain some features specific to the male body. Testosterone hormone therapy that is applied in transitions from woman to man, should be done by considering the age and health status of the individual. Diabetes, sleep apnea, weight gain, liver disorders are likely to be encountered if applied for long periods.

The first condition for sex reassignment surgeries is the individual is over 18 years old. Afterwards, compliance with delegation reports and other procedures are completed. Individuals under the age of 18 cannot take these steps.

Taking the breast tissue of the individual gives the desired masculine appearance on the body. During the operation, the person is under general anesthesia. Wearing a shirt is mandatory for the arms to be raised during the recovery period.

The individual who will transitions from woman to man, is the operation to remove the uterus. The menstrual periods are completely eliminated after this surgery.

Hormone Therapy is made for the formation of hair at desired points on the body of the transition woman. The sound change is also provided with this treatment. Hormone therapy provides clitoris enlargement.

It is the name given to surgeries that made penis with tissues taken from different regions in the individual’s own body. It is the next step after hormone therapy.

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