Definition of vaginismus; Although the person wants, it is the condition of not being able to have sexual intercourse as a result of involuntary contractions of the vagina. Although the patient wants, it does not prevent this. The female body's rejection of sexuality, which includes the combination of the penis vagina. Contraction narrows the vaginal opening is causing sexual intercourse to be painful or perceived as impossible. These contractions like a true sexual intercourse, occur at the contact stage or by imagining this attempt. Women who have this problem do not have any problem getting closer with their partner unless sexual intercourse takes place. Sexual intercourse becomes very difficult for the woman when she is contracted so that she cannot get anything into the vagina at the time of intercourse. In sexual intercourse under these conditions, women describe what they feel in the form of puncture, fragmentation, whining and burning.

Vaginismus and New Generation Treatment

Many women from past to present, face the problem of vaginismus in many parts of the world, including the geography we live in. Although it is known as the inability to have sexual intercourse or painful sexual intercourse in the folk language, nowadays, almost all patients see that their problems are vaginismus and they are now seeking treatment.

Psychological causes as like past traumas, such as fear of the first night, 90% due to traditional structure, customs and some sexual traumas, are at the root of vaginismus disease. At the same time, up to 10% vagina stenosis and hymen abnormalities are a major factor in this disease.

Most of the patients with vaginismus are unable to touch the genital area, insert foreign matter, and most importantly, the male penis never gets inside. In other words, they express the description of most patients with vaginismus, as if there is a wall there. Although a very small part of them is in the relationship, a painful relationship occurs. As a result, fear of the relationship, disgust and procrastination that is another name for vaginismus disease, arises.

We know very well what our patients are having, and we understand very well what processes they are going through. We will provide better information about treatment processes and new generation treatments and will offer you the best treatment options.

If we describe the treatment methods of vaginismus from past to present; after the improving methods and techniques of the psychological assessment, therapy, co-therapy, finger exercises, preparation for intercourse with the help of a dilator, patients completed the treatment more comfortably by Op. Dr. Cem Özlük and not to experience the same problems after the process, combined with meditation and mental treatments to get the best results with consciously and behaviorally, shaping the treatment specific to each patient.

We know very well that every patient has serious problems before and after learning vaginismus disease. Since the relationship cannot be realized, the coldness within the family and the fear of not having children are the most common of these. They experience processes between spouses that go back to incompatibility over time and then to divorce.

Vaginismus Treatment

Dr. Cem Özlük has many other specialties such as Sexology, Andrology, Sexual Therapy apart from Male and Female Genital Area Aesthetics. He is a renowned name in male and female sexuality issues treatment and surgery, in the world and Turkey. Today he is one of the best methods and techniques with his personal experience by combining the experiences from the medical community.

Before we give information about treatment, we should especially state that, it makes the treatment more difficult in the following period while the same methods and techniques give negative results to every patient in the treatment of vaginismus, just as not giving each patient the same medication.

At this point, our priority in Vaginismus treatments is to evaluate the detailed examination of our patients and the causes of the disease. Then the patient’s fears are cleared with the technique we call step by step systematic desensitization. Supportive therapies that as Botox application applied to vaginal muscles with meditation applications such as Yoga and Access Bars, developed by us at this stage, provides serious support. Ensuring that the patient is cleared of fears and traumas that occurred in the past and developed later, this ensures a healthy sexual partnership together with the sexual education to be given.

After cognitive treatment, behavioral treatment is started. Depending on the level of the disease, the teachings are put into practice with some methods and techniques, and it is aimed to completely remove their fears. Traditional methods like medicine, finger exercise, are never used in the methods used in behavioral therapy. Some exercises are performed along with the innovation and supportive treatments brought by modern medicine. The purpose of these exercises is to control the pelvic muscles located in the vaginal canal. In the most difficult cases, the treatment takes no more than 4 to 5 days. In most cases some treatment has been completed even between 1 and 3.

We want to state that there is no need for the shyness of the male doctor, which is the biggest fear of our introverted and shy patients because of a lot of fear and trauma. Most of our clinical staff are women, Mrs. Nazile who is a trainer on many meditations and therapies, especially in combination therapies such as Yoga, Access Bars, Face Bars, will be very helpful in passing this process very easily and comfortably.

It should not be forgotten that vaginismus disease does not only concern the woman. The role of the spouse is also very important here. We do our best to continue your life without any problem again including problems such as premature ejaculation and sexual aversion in men during the period of the disease.

Women who are married, divorced or single before and become aware of this problem can come to treatment alone. Treatment is no different from married ones.

We expect you to our center as soon as possible, without the need to postpone any disease that can be treated.

Ultimately, we can say that; It is possible to treat vaginismus in a short time such as 4 to 5 days with the right doctor, right technique and right methods. Never postpone beautiful things in your life.

Pain During Sexual Relationship and Sexual dysfunction uncontrolled muscle contractions are among the symptoms of vaginismus.

Vaginismus discomfort, as it may appear in the person’s first sexual experience, may develop later due to a negative sexual experience, abortion, etc. It is called Primary and Secondary vaginismus in medical language.

It varies according to the doctor’s session pricing policy since vaginismus treatments are performed by private centers and doctors who are experts in their fields.

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