G Shot

G Shot which offers solutions to sexual dissatisfaction or coldness problems, is a region inside the vagina. Successful results are obtained in terms of achieving orgasm by increasing sexual pleasure thanks to enlargement or clarification.

Women basically have two different orgasms. One of them is the clitoris, which is similar to the penis structure in men, located just above the vagina. This organ, which becomes more prominent by being exposed to blood circulation during intercourse, provides clitoral orgasm due to its non-vagina.

Vaginal orgasm is possible with the G spot discovered a little more than half a century ago. Almost all women who suffer from not having an orgasm experience problems, arising from not being warned of this region. G Spot Magnification G Shot Therapy is an injection operation to address this problem.

Is There a G Spot?

With the effect of the low number of women who can experience vaginal orgasm in our country, it is wondering if there is a G-spot. The G-point is more an anatomical region than an organ, and Dr.Ernest Grafenberg who is also known by the initial letter of his surname, because it was the discovery of him.

  • -G Shot
  • -G spot
  • -Vaginal Orgasm Point

The treatment applied to this area known as G Spot Amplification or G Shot Amplification is defined. The G spot on the upper wall of the vagina becomes more pronounced if touched. At the same time, G Spot, just below the urinary canal, produces secretions in the vagina. This area is the main point that provides vaginal orgasm.

G Spot Excitation With G Shot

If both men and women enjoy sexual intercourse, a healthy relationship can be mentioned. Even if it is one of the situations that is thrown into the background, the condition of not having an orgasm can trigger many different discomfort or relationship problems.

In women who are unhappy with their sexual life:

  • -Loss of personal confidence
  • -Life problems due to unhappiness
  • -Depression
  • -Frigidity

negative situations such as.

Therefore, solving all kinds of sexual problems by going to the source will open the doors of a much more successful and happy life.

G Spot Magnification G Shot Therapy provides a fuller structure in the area that provides vaginal orgasm. In this way, stimulation of the G point; hence vaginal orgasm becomes easier. It is possible to prevent the above problems for g-shooters thanks to g-point stimulation.

What is G Spot Magnification G Shot Treatment?

In G Spot treatment, a collagen injection like a kind of protein is made in the vagina, just below the urinary canal. This procedure, which is quite practical painless, is a natural solution since there is no hormone supplement.

Hyaluronic acid used in injection is a collagen that is located in every tissue in our body and regulates important vital functions. Another method is to inject oil into the area. Your specialist doctor decides which method to apply.

G-point enlargement does not require surgical intervention. For this reason, there is no need for any recovery period.

Who Can Get G Spot Magnification?

Any woman with sexual coldness and lack of orgasm may have a G-point enlargement treatment. But;

  • -Immune system weakness
  • -Collagen allergy
  • -Urinary tract infection
  • -Mediterranean anemia

etc. G Shot therapy cannot be applied in those with bleeding disorders. You should consult your doctor to get the clearest answer about G Spot Treatment, which cannot be done during pregnancy.

Are there any side effects or harm of G Shot Treatment?

G Shot is a painless treatment without side effect, as it is done by injection of a variety of protein that is already in the human body. The same collagen injections are applied in urinary incontinence treatments. Injection process with local anesthesia takes a very short time, it is not OK to have sexual intercourse 6-8 hours after the procedure. The collagen injection does not carry the risk of infection.

Is G Spot Magnification G Shot Treatment Permanent?

Although the G Spot Vaccine varies from person to person, its permanence varies between 6 months and 8 months. At the end of this period, if desired, any side effects, etc. there is no obstacle.

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