Uzm. Dyt. Melis Tarhan

Exp. Dyt. Melis Tarhan

She is active in the fields of weight loss, weight gain, healthy and regular nutrition, nutrition in children, diseases, special situations and nutrition in athletes.

Language:English, Turkish

Graduate : Eastern Mediterranean University. Nutrition Dietetic Section (2016)

About Medical Interests and Activities

  • Healthy Nutrition
  • Nutrition in Diseases
  • LPG
  • Slimming
  • Weight Gain
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Nutrition in Special Cases

Congresses Attended

05-09/11/2014: International Cardiometabolik Syndrome congress, Eastern Mediterranean Congress and Eastern Mediterranean Health Sciences Student Symposium

05-09/11/2014 : Obesity Dietitian Course

10-13/03/2016 : 5. National Wellness Symposium

10-13/03/2016: Carbohydrate Counting Course

10-13/03/2016 : Bariatric Surgical Dietitian Course

17/03/2016 : The Effect of Nutrition on Intestinal Flora and Microbiesa ” Prof.Dr. Tanjubesler’

24/03/2016: Sportsman support products ;miracle or danger?  “Uzm.Dyt.Fame Ercen”

28/03/2016: Nutrition Seminar in Children Without Appetite “Dr. Dyt. Nevra Koç”

8-9/12/2017 : Sports Dietitian Course for Fitness and Bodybuilding Sports

04/11/2017: Lifestyle Can Diabetes Be Prevented By Change? Seminar

20/05/2017: Bariatric Surgical Procedures and Medical Nutrition Treatment

11-13/05/2017: Hacettepe Nutrition and Dietetic Days 6. Post-Graduation Training Course

11-12/10/2019: 2nd International Congress of Healthy Eating – Endocrine Diseases

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